The Blockchain Recruiter - Confidential Candidate Brief


You are receiving this Confidential Candidate Brief as a professional courtesy, as we are only reaching out to carefully selected organizations.

We are representing an accomplished Technical Leader with an exemplary track record of helping companies to scale as well as driving rapid turnaround for companies with failing departments.

Coming from a strong foundation in software development, he has developed an exceptional ability for building world-class technical teams, turning around failing companies and leading successfully through both exponential growth and tough times.

This individual is an unusually versatile technical leader, with high competence in product, operations, finance, fundraising, combined with deep technical expertise and charismatic leadership style.

He's achieved a great deal over his career (see below), and his peers praise his relentless drive for excellence, total integrity, and ability to achieve big results in a short space of time.

He's looking for a senior technical leadership position at a strong crypto or blockchain startup which values leaders who combine intelligent systems thinking and cross-functional ability with relentless execution.

Moreover, he places a high value on integrity, transparency and extreme ownership, and is keen to work with an executive team who don't just put these values on the company handbook - they live them.

Summary of Highlights (Achievements & Impact)

  • Successfully led team & tech scale up and systems modernization through exponentional userbase growth curve from 10,000 users to 3million+ in only six months
  • Led development and release of world's first ASVS Level 3 certified blockchain solution
  • Developed and implemented blockchain technology strategy for 2 million+ user marketplace, including architecture of side-chain, multi-chain and bridging technologies
  • Helped to raise $35m Series A and a pre-seed round during the bear market

This top performer is very selective about who he wants to explore growth opportunities with. If you have an interest in booking a short introductory call with him, click below and book a call with me first. We can discuss your organization, where you're at, where you're looking to go, and from there we can set up a call with the man who could be the one to take your company to the moon.

What Some Of His Peers Say

I didn't know anyone who didn't like working with him. He does expect excellent work - he was able to lead the team to success while still gaining the respect of the team.

- R.W.

Software Engineer

In terms of problem solving, management and finding the right people to do things - he's the best I've ever worked with. We were about to fail because we were growing faster than I could handle it, and he saved us.

- J. G.

Founder & CEO

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