Senior AI/ML Engineer - DeepNFTValue


You're intrigued by ML.

You play with both data science and engineering.

And it's a welcome bonus that AI's time in the limelight has arrived. Job security? Certainly.

There's just one problem.

Opportunities in the space are dominated by large players.

That means bureaucracy.

Lack of impact.

And being put in a box, your talent and creativity never fully realized.

Mid-sized companies have a lot of the same problems, but without the resources.

What if you could get in at the ground floor instead?

Unleash your talents to their fullest.

Have real scope for impact. 

Be part of something new.

It's up to you.

Watch the video on the left to hear directly from the Founder, Nikolai Yakovenko.

Key Work Highlights

  • Deep Learning and LLMs
  • Real-time data
  • Real products, users and use cases

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