Meet the Team

Great recruiting demands an incredibly intricate combination of influence, tenacity, empathy, organization, detail-orientation and big picture strategic sense. It’s a rare person indeed who is extremely capable across all facets of the search process. That’s why you get three or four of us (and our particular strengths) executing on your assignment – not just one.

Here are the people who make it happen.

Screenshot 28 Meet the Team

Brett Mammel

Business Development Manager

& Director of Getting Things Done

You’re astute, creative and determined. You dream of making it big in the next cycle and beyond. There’s just one problem: you need a team filled with exceptional people to make it happen, and they’re just so damn hard to get.

 Brett is the guy who engineers the solution and brings it to the table. As the serious and intense one among our team of oddballs, he’s not afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions required to help you unlock the next level of business success.

Screenshot 29 Meet the Team

Erick Romero Cruces

Search Associate

& CTO (Chief Tequila Officer)

When it’s time to consider a career change, it’s usually Erick you’ll hear from first. Curious, outgoing and energetic, Erick spends his days talking to current and prospective candidates, figuring out exactly what makes them tick, and attracting the very best for our clients.

As the gregarious entertainer of the group, Erick finds this work enthralling. And in his spare time, he uses his discerning taste to select the very best additions for our Agave department.

H045 scaled Meet the Team

Harrison Wright

Founder, CEO

& CMO (Chief Meme Officer)

“The Blockchain Recruiter” since before the moniker expanded to encompass a growing team, Harrison serves as the architect of the placement process for our clients and as the strategist, visionary and public face of the firm.

A natural contrarian since before it became cool to describe yourself as a contrarian or pollute the internet with novelty takes, he only has two modes of expression: serious business and off-the-wall. So if you don’t find him putting together a rigorous search plan for our clients, he’s probably busy dealing in the dankest of memes.

Screenshot 30 Meet the Team

Nicole Ponto


& Data Artist

Queen of Boolean, Surfer of Sales Navigator and Goddess of Google, Nicole keeps the rest of the team on the phone all day by digging up names, contact details and relevant happenings from across the farthest and most obscure reaches of the interwebs (and beyond).

When she’s not painting a picture of the market, Nicole can invariably be found working on real canvas, studying psychology or playing whichever classical instrument she’s captivated by that day.

Screenshot 31 Meet the Team


Literal Dogsbody

& Chief Distraction Officer

Rex mostly sleeps.

And eats.

And interrupts Erick’s important conversations.

And sleeps some more.

But we like to keep him around anyway because he’s cool and hey, sometimes there’s more to life and business than 100% efficiency.

Screenshot 2023 03 27 at 3.14.26 PM Meet the Team



Bat, Rodent & Reptile Division

Relentless in pursuit of his prey, Mister serves as an inspiration to all of us on what it takes to get the job done.