The Blockchain Recruiter - Confidential Candidate Brief


You are receiving this Confidential Candidate Brief as a professional courtesy, as we are only reaching out to carefully selected organizations.

We are representing a Visionary Blockchain Sales Leader with a proven track record of taking revolutionary new concepts to market, dating all the way back to 2014.

As a non-technical Founder, he tirelessly worked away at selling his vision of a use case for a blockchain-based rewards platform, all while balancing successful fundraising pushes (>$9million raised) and leading product and development efforts.

He's achieved a great deal in these years (see below), and is one of the most tenacious and inspiring Leaders I've ever worked with.

While he's proven capable of assuming the role of CEO, and not averse to carrying that torch again one day, he's primarily looking for a senior B2B sales/commercial leadership position at a high-growth organization that values visionary leaders who aren't afraid to roll their sleeves up and lead from the front.

Summary of Highlights (Achievements & Impact)

  • Won 3-year contract with major airline worth $465k, with $1.2million annual contract value from year four 
  • Raised over $9million in institutional funding
  • Secured pioneering agreements with numerous Fortune 500 companies
  • Hired and led cross-functional global team of over 10 employees
  • First to market with visionary enterprise blockchain use case

This top performer is very selective about who he wants to explore growth opportunities with. If you have an interest in booking a short introductory call with him, click below and book a call with me first. We can discuss your organization, where you're at, where you're looking to go, and from there we can set up a call with the man who could be the one to take your company to the moon.

What Some Of His Peers Say

He was the most visionary seller. Some people had more experience in terms of loyalty and rewards and solutions, but no one had that enthusiasm and vision that he did. He was relentless.

Chelsea F.

He's intensely determined. He continues to push things through, shows amazing resolve and grit - he just won't give up. I definitely think he could lead a high-performing sales organization.

Gareth W.

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