The Blockchain Recruiter - Confidential Candidate Brief


You are receiving this Confidential Candidate Brief as a professional courtesy, as we are only reaching out to carefully selected organizations.

We are representing an accomplished Blockchain CMO/COO with an exemplary track record in driving commercial and operational success for technology companies at all stages from pre-revenue right the way through to successful exit.

He is an expert at "creating order out of chaos" - building systems for marketing, sales, product, and operations - all backed by sound strategy, in order to achieve scale and growth.

He's achieved a great deal over his career (see below), and his peers praise his relentless determination, collaborative but firm leadership style, and extremely rare diversity of cross-functional skills.

He's looking for a senior leadership position at a pioneering blockchain company which values leaders who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves and lead from the front.

Summary of Highlights (Achievements & Impact)

  • Established Marketing and Operations functions for early-stage blockchain company, successfully delivering four Proof of Concepts and winning first customer for blockchain-based supply chain solution
  • Opened up new use cases and markets for IoT software provider, driving $75 million in new business
  • Led turnaround of failing software company, improving EBITDA by $2 million and arriving at successful exit of $15 million
  • Highly versatile Executive, with talents in Finance, Operations and Business Development in addition to Marketing expertise - ideally suited for a startup leadership role
  • Extensive track record of success and contribution serving as "right-hand man" to the CEO

This top performer is very selective about who he wants to explore growth opportunities with. If you have an interest in booking a short introductory call with him, click below and book a call with me first. We can discuss your organization, where you're at, where you're looking to go, and from there we can set up a call with the man who could be the one to take your company to the moon.

What Some Of His Peers Say

He was really the lynchpin on the sales and marketing side. He brought organization to a chaotic environment and he knew how to take the technology message and turn it into a selling message. I would be very happy to work with him again, and I would endorse him for a leadership position elsewhere.

- Gary Schachter


I've sold multiple companies to IBM, I've taken a company from tens of thousands in revenue and sold it to IBM for billions of dollars and there's no-one I'd rather work with. He's the perfect COO, because he has all these multi-dimensional skills. He's rare. I can't imagine any situation he can't handle.

- Jeff Papows

Former CEO, Lotus Notes

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