You might have found this page because something has changed in your work situation or there’s been a change in you.  Maybe you don’t work in the blockchain industry yet, but you’d like to.

Or perhaps you’ve received a voicemail, email, connection request or carrier pigeon delivery from me and you’re here to check me out before you respond.

Considering your next career move can be exciting, but also daunting. Nobody enjoys the hiring process – well, apart from crazy people like me anyway. All too often, it’s a complete mess.

And if the winds of change have come calling for you, but you aren’t looking to move? Perhaps you’re asking yourself, is it even worth the hassle?

Yeah, I get it – maybe it’s a great opportunity, but maybe it isn’t. And damn, maybe the possibility of having to deal with clueless recruiters and managers who can’t decide what they want, then ghost you – maybe it’s just easier not to bother. Because job hunting sucks.


Here’s what you can expect from me, and from my firm:

We represent the client. Yes – I'm not afraid to openly acknowledge that our role is to find people for jobs, not jobs for people. I state this only to set realistic expectations for what we can and cannot provide.

For every person we place in a new role, we speak to dozens if not hundreds - that's just the nature of the game. So we are typically unable to act as your personal job-hunting service.

That said, we understand that the person most impacted by the hiring process is you, the candidate. And I consider it a duty of care to provide you with a positive experience. You will be treated with exactly the same level of courtesy, respect and concern for your future that we afford to our valued clients.

You will receive timely communication, behind the scenes insights and prompt, honest feedback.

If you call me, I’ll take your call or call you back as soon as I’m able. If you email me, I’ll get back to you within a reasonable timeframe. Even if I can’t help you right now, my door is always open.

We recruit strictly on an exclusive basis – and we’re selective about the clients we accept. That means when I contact you about a role, it’s a serious opportunity with a company that ticks a whole lot of boxes, and there’s a real process in place.

Your time won't be wasted dealing with fishing expeditions, phantom opportunities or other nonsense.

So if you’re here because I contacted you, don’t hesitate to come back to me.

And if you’re here because you’re curious, get in touch.

You never know - it just might be the phonecall that takes your career to the moon.



Harrison Wright

The Blockchain Recruiter