The 80/20 Principle states that 80% of all outcomes are produced by just 20% of all efforts.

Likewise, 80% of all value in the Blockchain industry is produced by just 20% of the talent.

Hire that talent, get back on the winning side of the 80/20 divide, and watch your career skyrocket while simultaneously cutting your stress, workload, and hours.


Our 80/20 Blockchain Talent Process is engineered from the ground up to give you the exceptional leadership career you deserve.

First, we ruthlessly stripped away all the frustrations, inefficiencies, and failures inherent in the traditional recruitment model.

Then we invested considerable time, care and expertise in building our three foundational 80/20 Pillars, the trifecta that drives consistent delivery of top 20% talent.

Finally, we crafted a proprietary Seven Step Process and layered it on top of these pillars, leaving you with an utterly unfair advantage in the war for talent that’s guaranteed to deliver.

The Three Pillars of 80/20 Blockchain Talent

Precise Vision

Our comprehensive three-part Discovery intake process ensures we know exactly what top 20% talent looks like in your company before we start looking – meaning we hit the bullseye first time, every time.

Overwhelming Force

We create and deploy a compelling, multi-touch marketing campaign through both inbound and outbound channels to every top performer that matters, making your opportunity impossible to ignore.

80/20 Selection Process

Our 5-part selection process, drawing on best practices from the world’s greatest hiring minds, empowers you to hire only the top 20% of Blockchain talent while avoiding disastrous mis-hires, time and time again.

The Seven Steps of The 80/20 Blockchain Talent Process



We work with you to develop your Employer Value Proposition and 80/20 Talent Blueprint, your key to identifying top 20% Blockchain talent. We also map out the search and hiring process. This gives us the foundational toolset to deliver optimal hiring outcomes.


Whole Market Reveal

Using our automated database-building process, we access over 98% of the entire market. From this, we refine a diligently curated target list of the highest calibre talent. This gives you unparalleled reach in record time.


The Blockchain Talent Blitz

To our cohort of 150-250 target prospects, we design and deploy a tailor-made inbound and outbound marketing campaign, driving 7-10 contacts per prospect using a variety of channels.  The best and brightest are roused to decisive action, where typically they are unmoved by the same old noise of job ads and recruiter messages.


The 80/20 Talent Filter

Here we sort the contenders from the also-rans. Potentials are put through a comprehensive 10-Factor screening process and a deep dive motivational assessment to weed out the tire kickers and the bottom 80%. The top 20% are presented along with executive summaries and a multifactorial deep-dive analysis, with scoring.


The Bulletproof Interview

We work with you to design a Bulletproof Interview process designed to de-risk the hire through performance-based assessment, a scorecarding system linked to your 80/20 Talent Blueprint, and ‘test drives’ (working interviews) unique to your Blockchain environment.


Handshake & Firewall

For your chosen top performer, we construct and present an offer that’s too good to ignore. We ensure they are eager and excited to join, neutralize potential counter-offers and other last minute problems. They are rigorously vetted through our backstage referencing methodology and background checks, which virtually guarantee a mis-hire doesn’t slip through the cracks.


The Red Carpet Retention Solution

A strong onboarding system is vital to ensuring your new hire hits the ground running and commits for the long haul. We help you design and implement a first-class onboarding process, and conduct performance reviews with both you and your new hire at 30, 90, 180 and 365 days – benchmarked against your 80/20 Talent Blueprint.

When You Invest In The 80/20 Blockchain Talent Process, You ALSO Get...

Creation of Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

We craft a killer EVP that’s yours to keep for all future searches. Attract top performers without breaking the bank, whilst minimizing offer turndowns, counter-offers and drop-outs.

80/20 Talent Blueprint

A reliable blueprint for you to attract, assess, and hire top 20% performers, we’ll develop this at the outset of your search. Once you learn how to hire the 80/20 way, you’ll never want to go back to the way things were.

Laser-Focused Multimedia Marketing Blitz

Through directing a multi-channel, multimedia marketing campaign to a precisely targeted audience, we maximize interest, curiosity and response rates, creating a crescendo of excitement and momentum in the market for your company and position.

3D Shortlist

Engineered to allow comprehensive and objective comparison of all contenders, our 3D shortlists provide format-standardized resumes, executive summaries and a deep-dive analysis complete with scoring across 10 key success factors.

Backstage Referencing System

Ensure a disastrous mis-hire doesn’t slip through the cracks by leveraging deep-dive backstage reference checks, assessing the real truth of candidates’ values and ethics, past achievements, and leadership qualities.

Full Access To Our Hero’s Welcome Onboarding System

Given to you upon hire, get access to our proven onboarding system to manage those crucial first 90 days to ensure your new hire integrates smoothly into the team and starts contributing right from day one.

First Year Performance and Retention System

We conduct 30 day, 90 day, 180 day, and 365 day performance reviews with you and your new hire benchmarked against your 80/20 Talent Blueprint, and training to ensure you keep the top performers you worked so hard to hire.

One Year Performance Guarantee

We’re so confident in The 80/20 Blockchain Talent Process, we guarantee our placements for an entire year. You won’t find a risk reversal like this anywhere else in the industry. It’s the ultimate in security for your investment.

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