Blockchain Recruitment That Eats Pareto For Lunch

It's the perfect storm.

Cognitively demanding work.

Chronic skills shortages.

Narrow job requirements.

High barriers to entry.

Pareto-distributed outcomes (and only getting more extreme).

Boundless opportunity for high performers - the people who produce the overwhelming majority of results.

Ultimately? You're competing with the world's best and brightest for the world's best and brightest.

To earn the right to work with them on solving some of the toughest and most civilizationally-important challenges ever addressed in the workplace.

Hiring exceptional people isn't simply a useful competitive advantage, as it was in the industrial age. In our world, it's the fulcrum point upon which success and failure rest. And your competitors know it too.

When you put it that way - how could you ever expect it to be easy?


We produce exceptional results, but we don't promise easy.

While we do most of the heavy lifting, we don't let you off the hook.

We go deep. We ask the tough questions. We're very discerning about who we can and can't help.

There are things we require of you in order to attract the very best.

Beating the crypto recruitment odds is not a spectator sport. If you expect to simply hand over some money and receive effortless results from afar, or want to hire a resume factory, we are not the firm for you.

But if you truly grasp the gravity of this challenge, and the significance of beating it? If you are willing to invest not only money, but time and thought into winning at crypto hiring...

You've come to the right place.

There is a method behind our madness (and every great method contains at least a little bit of madness).

A method forged in the fires of in-the-trenches headhunting. Fifteen years of trials, tribulations, outstanding successes, and terrible failures. Supplemented with a terrifying amount of introspection, curiosity and good old-fashioned book learning (yup, we're recruitment nerds - got a problem with that?).

We call that method: The Blockchain Recruiter Protocol (because every great method also needs a slightly cheesy name).

So here's the lowdown:

Our protocol was engineered from the ground up to give you the exceptional people that you require.

We ruthlessly stripped away all the frustrations, inefficiencies, and failures inherent in traditional recruitment models.

Then we invested considerable time, care and expertise in building the three pillars of our protocol, the trifecta that drives consistent delivery of optimal hiring outcomes.

When you engage with us, we'll leave you with an utterly unfair advantage in the war for talent. We'll provide you with exactly the people you need, exactly when you need them to take your project to the next level.

Work with us and step into the shoes of the 5%.

The Three Pillars of The Blockchain Recruiter Protocol

Precise Vision

Our comprehensive discovery intake process ensures we know exactly who you need and how to identify them – meaning we hit the bullseye first time, every time.

Overwhelming Force

We create and deploy a compelling, multi-touch marketing campaign to every top performer that matters, making your opportunity impossible to ignore.

Extreme Diligence

With almost 100% offer acceptance and one-year retention rates, we go deep with our candidates to ensure they can excel on the job, and fit well within your culture.

The Seven Steps of Our Protocol



Tediously rigorous on the front end so that everything goes swimmingly on the back end. It's worth the investment.



We identify every person who matters, from people we already know through to incognito authors of obscure whitepapers from 2015 and everyone in between.



Five emails. Three voicemails. Two LinkedIn messages. One personalized video hosted on Storj for extra Web3 cred. Eleven points of contact over six weeks. That's what it took to get the attention of just one recent star hire. This is not your average recruiter outreach.



We usually spend more time with each candidate than our clients do pre-hire. And you don't have to worry about us making you look silly by asking if they have any "Cee Hashtag experience" (true story).



No matter your team's current level of competence in this area, we'll make sure your interview process both selects for success and helps seal the deal.



Change is tough. Especially for the loyal and emotionally invested who are hardest to move but make by far the greatest long-term contribution. We help bridge these tough transitions so you don't have to resort to hiring fair-weather mercenaries.



While we can't control how good an employer you are, our protocol is optimized to produce long-term success - and it almost always does.



When You Engage Our Blockchain Recruiter Protocol, You ALSO Get...


  • Genuine commitment to you and the long-term success of your project (we're not fair-weather mercenaries, either - and we screen out prospective clients who select for that).
  • Old-school values combined with new-school technology. To quote a client after a recent successful CTO search: "Thanks for your hard work - I don't think I've ever come across anyone with your level of attention to detail and work ethic. I'm very happy we could work with you on this!"
  • A near-100% success rate, as measured in terms of both completed searches AND one-year retention of a great hire. This isn't only unique in blockchain, it's practically unheard of across the entire worldwide recruitment industry. And we're not exaggerating.


BUT! There is a catch.

There's always a catch.

We're all about creating positive feedback loops. We craft incredibly powerful messages that win hearts and minds for our clients and, ultimately, move our candidates to make enormous life changes.

Careers, fortunes and... perhaps even the future of liberty in the world rests on the work that we do here.

It's a massive responsibility, one we don't take lightly. It's important to us that the reality matches up to the promise.

Which means we're extremely selective about the clients we accept. If you're building the next pump and dump scam, we're not interested. Clowns need not apply.

And this enables us to maintain our near-100% success rate.

We might be stringent, but I promise we're worth the effort.

Ready to hire a Top Performer?

A better future is just a phone call away...