Serious hiring for serious BUIDLrs.

  • Level up your hiring average
  • Build an exceptional Web3 leadership career
  • Survive and thrive in the bear market

Serious hiring for serious BUIDLrs.


We'll help you stay on the right side of Pareto's Law.


Upgrade your crypto career.


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Survive the bear market and transcend the ordinary

Success usually lies in doing the opposite.

Buy low, sell high.

Don't read the news; create the news.

Stockpile cash during the bull market. Build strong positions during the bear.

While the speculators, opportunists and fair-weather friends exit the industry en masse, you know an opening when you see one.

Many recruiters will also leave the industry in the months and years ahead. We were founded during the previous crypto winter and we're not going anywhere. In fact, I'm excited. I couldn't be more optimistic about the opportunity to help you build for the next cycle and beyond.

Bear markets are a platinum-tier opportunity for long-term thinkers, tangible use cases with real-world utility, and Web3 innovations which transcend the ordinary.

History proves this.

But what is the price of this outrageous success? Not fleeting career success driven by riding the right technology wave at the right time, but lasting success borne of building an exceptional company?

A compelling vision. Good strategy. Smart financial management. The discipline to consistently drive forward with urgency while gratification is delayed - maybe for years.

Certainly, these are all prerequisites. But most important of all is the ability to build, engage and retain a platinum-tier team. And a bear market presents unique challenges in this regard. It may be easier to recruit just anyone, but hiring top-shelf workers with immediately relevant experience and great talent remains as hard as ever. Recessions are most certainly not distributed equally.

In such an environment, you need a highly skilled search operator who can locate the signal amidst the noise, time and time again. It's no job for an amateur blockchain recruitment agency.

Engaging high performance candidates and placing them in optimally productive employment with industry-defining cryptocurrency businesses - this is not only our work, but our calling. It is the realm of true professionals - professionals with the needed skills, information and talent, honed over many years with a single-minded focus on delivering the extraordinary.

I'm as obsessed with the art and science of high-performance recruiting as you are with BUIDLing, and I - and the resources of my firm - are here to help you climb your mountain.

Harrison Wright

The Blockchain Recruiter

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