A transformational industry deserves transformational hiring.


Has your leadership career been derailed?


What got you here, won't get you there.


My message to you.

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It's time to admit the truth about leadership success.

We live in an 80/20 environment - a viciously competitive, polarizing place where 80% of the spoils go to 20% of the players.  And coronavirus has only accelerated this trend.

Our industry is no exception.

Most Blockchain projects will fail. Most professionals who come into the space will make only a minor contribution to its future.

And most Blockchain leaders will never realize their true potential - they'll never achieve their dreams.

They'll never achieve their dreams because they cannot translate their meteoric rise as an individual contributor into runaway success as a leader.

You won the opportunity to lead based on your personal excellence. But personal excellence has little to do with excellence in leadership.

And noone ever taught you how to be a leader.

The truth is that your success as a leader is overwhelmingly determined not by your own abilities, but by the quality of the team you're able to build.

And the entirety of conventional wisdom, self-help propaganda - and yes, even the recruitment industry itself - not only hides this truth from you, but actively sabotages your attempts to hire with excellence.

But with me in your corner, you don't have to settle for the status quo.

My mission is to empower you to build the leadership career you deserve - and the decentralized future we all strive for.


Harrison Wright

The Blockchain Recruiter